Deferred Gift Annuities

A deferred gift annuity can provide income during your retirement years for yourself or others.A deferred gift annuity is similar to a charitable gift annuity. The main difference is that a deferred gift annuity allows you to pick a date in the future to begin receiving your payments. With a charitable gift annuity you begin receiving payments immediately.


  • Fixed income you can depend on
    When you establish a deferred gift annuity with The Sierra Fund you transfer assets to us and we guarantee that you will receive fixed income at a future date — it is reliable income you can count on.
  • Immediate Tax Savings
    By creating a gift annuity, you can qualify for an income charitable tax deduction in the year you make the gift. If you cannot take the entire deduction in the first year, there is a 5-year carry-over for any excess.
  • If you decide to fund your annuity with appreciated property, you may also be eligible for capital gain tax savings.
  • Retirement Strategy
    By deferring payments to supplement your retirement, your payments will be higher, plus you receive your tax deduction during a high-income year. You can set a date now when you would like your payments to begin or set a range of years so you have more flexibility.
  • Leave A Legacy
    After your and/or your beneficiary’s lifetime, The Sierra Fund will use the remainder of your deferred gift annuity to help protect natural areas throughout the Sierra region.

How It Works

The deferred gift annuity is a contract between you and The Sierra Fund to pay income in exchange for the gift. When you make the gift, you specify when the payments should begin.

The following example is a $10,000 gift from a 50 year old individual. *You can see how income benefits change with the length of deferral.

Length of DeferralAnnuity Rate Annual Income Income Tax Deduction
10 years11.1%$1,100$4,496.80
15 years15.3%$1,530$5,439.60
20 years21.7%$2,170$6,352.90

*These figures are for illustration purposes only. They will change based on your age, the size of your gift used to fund the deferred annuity, the number of beneficiaries and the current annuity rates. Please call us at (530) 265-8454 for more information.

Making Your Gift

Gift Requirements

Minimum Age: 30, Must defer payments until at least age 50

Minimum Dollar Amount: $5,000

For more information on deferred gift annuities or other gifts that provide income, please fill out our online form, e-mail, or call us at (530) 265-8454.

In order to provide you with a personalized proposal for a deferred gift annuity, please let us know the beneficiary’s(ies’) date(s) of birth, the length of time you’d like to defer the payment and the amount you are considering donating.