Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a great way for you to secure a steady stream of income and reduce taxes during your lifetime while ultimately helping to preserve threatened areas of the Sierra Nevada.

A charitable gift annuity is simply a contract with The Sierra Fund that says we agree to pay you and/or a beneficiary a fixed income for life.

A charitable gift annuity is similar to a deferred gift annuity. The main difference is that with a charitable gift annuity you receive payments immediately. With a deferred gift annuity you pick a date in the future to begin receiving your payments.


  • Fixed income you can depend onWhen you establish a charitable gift annuity with The Sierra Fund you transfer assets to us and we guarantee that you will receive fixed income for your and/or your beneficiary’s lifetime-it is reliable income you can count on!
  • Immediate Tax SavingsBy creating a gift annuity, you qualify for an income tax charitable deduction in the year you make the gift. If you decide to fund your annuity with appreciated property, you may also be eligible for capital gain tax savings.Income
  • For Now or Later, You DecideYou can decide whether to receive payments immediately to help meet current income needs or you can defer payments to supplement your retirement.

How It Works

This chart illustrates the potential benefits of a $10,000 Charitable Gift Annuity for one beneficiary.

*Age Annual Income Income Tax Deduction
60$670 $3,000
65$700 $3,400
75 $820$4,200

*These figures are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change. They will change based on your age, the size of the gift used to fund the annuity, the number of beneficiaries and the current annuity rates. Please call us at (530) 265-8454 for more information.

Making Your Gift

Gift Requirements:

  • Minimum Age: 50
  • Minimum Dollar Amount: $5,000

For more information on charitable gift annuities or other gifts that provide income, please fill out our online form, e-mail, or call us at (530) 265-8454.  In order to provide you with a personalized proposal for a charitable gift annuity, please let us know the date of birth for the income beneficiary and the amount you are considering donating.