Life Income Gifts

Life-Income Gifts enable you to make a gift to us and receive income during your lifetime, the life of someone you choose, or for a set number of years.

To create a life-income gift, you make an irrevocable gift of cash, securities, personal property or real estate to The Sierra Fund. In return, we sell, manage or reinvest your property and agree to pay you either a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage of your gift (generally, you will be paid quarterly).

After you pass away (or after you and your beneficiary pass away) or the predetermined number of years expires, your gift is transferred to us to support projects in the Sierra Nevada. As always, you can specify which Sierra organization, project or initiative you would like your gift to ultimately support.

You may also create a life-income gift through your will to benefit a friend or relative.

Since life-income gifts are irrevocable, you are eligible to receive an income tax charitable deduction the year you make the gift as well as other tax benefits.


  • Receive regular income payments
  • Take a possible income tax charitable deduction
  • Reduce or possibly eliminate federal estate taxes
  • Avoid tax on capital gain upon transfer (for gifts funded with appreciated property)
  • Have access to professional investment services
  • Make a significant contribution toward saving the Sierra Nevada