Get the Mercury Out (Brochure & Fact Sheet)

GMO-brochure-cover_4webThe Sierra Fund has created this brochure to illustrate the main points of our “Get the Mercury Out” campaign.

Click here to view the brochure.

Click here to view the associated fact sheet, which provides full references for the information in the brochure.

The brochure gives succinct summaries of the major points of the campaign, including the history of mercury in the Sierra, the serious risk it poses to public health, and the solutions The Sierra Fund is pursuing to fix the problem, including a number of pilot projects to assess, design and implement methods to “Get the Mercury Out.” The brochure also illustrates the process by which mercury from upstream sources like legacy mines affects downstream communities.

Click here to read more about our Get the Mercury Out Campaign.

See Also:

Malakoff Diggins; an example of how The Sierra fund, along with a variety of partners, is working to remove mercury form legacy mines.

Combie Reservoir; an example of how The Sierra Fund, along with a variety of partners, is helping to remove mercury from reservoirs downstream of legacy mines.

Angler Survey; when mercury is methylated, it becomes more toxic, and is available for bioaccumulation.



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