Karen Atkins

Karen Atkins, Environmental Scientist 
AmeriCorps Member through the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership

Karen Atkins was born and raised in a suburb of LA. With exposure to many things, she loved the outdoors most. She grew up loving hiking, backpacking, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving.

Karen attended the University of Connecticut and earned a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources with a concentration in Water and Climate. While there, she was involved in several nonpoint source pollution studies.  Her favorite dealt with exploring ways to stop street salt from running off into local water bodies. This was done through placing special chloride bonding compounds in rain gardens. She graduated in May of 2013 and went on to work as a Field Station Manager in Bahia De Los Angeles, Mexico.  There she had the opportunity to do some water quality research, help students with their field studies, and learn to maintain the station using the limited resources of the area. She loved that she got to snorkel, swim with whale sharks, and whale watch every day!

Karen has been an AmeriCorps member with The Sierra Fund since October 2013.  Karen she has enjoyed learning more about historic and current mining  practices and getting her hands dirty with some field work. She is honored to get to serve with such inspiring people doing such important work.