Alec Arditti


Alec Arditti, AmeriCorps Research Assistant

Alec is a recently graduated Terp who loves adventure and the outdoors. He grew up in a small town in New Jersey, exploring the woods behind his home and spending summers playing in the stream. At a young age, he developed a fondness for biking, skiing and tennis.

Alec then headed down to the University of Maryland, where he wandered through a variety of majors and clubs before finding his niche in the environmental science department with another focus in GIS. Time spent in The Wildlife Society, Phi Sigma Pi and the Maryland Adventure Program also greatly shaped Alec’s college life. Upon graduating, Alec decided he wanted to see more of the country and journeyed to Yosemite National Park to study forest fire dynamics. Afterwards, he went to work for the National Park Service in San Francisco, monitoring and collecting data amidst the streams and estuaries along the coast.

Alec is eager to head back to the mountains to spend the 2015-2016 AmeriCorps term with The Sierra Fund.  He’s excited to examine the effects of mining and become part of a research team and hopes to gain a more extensive understanding of the Sierra Nevada’s unique ecosystem and develop skills that will prepare him for graduate school.